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401 Central Ave in Coon Valley


Need some help removing some drywall from part of a ceiling and wall so it can dry. Posted 9/16/18




608 434 2287 or 608 323 5158

Helping put up sheet rock, flooring, my husband has been working on our home with little help so any help would be appreciated. Posted 9/16/18



N141 Old Hwy 35, Stoddard


Has drywall torn off 4ft up the basement wall, but needs someone to asses whether more should come off and be taking out... then
1A) ripping out more drywall if needed
1) spray foam/ riged foam supplies needed and someone to spray it on or seal the inside.
2) has the drywall- may need mud, tape, and tools needs; to hang it, mud it and sand it
3) needs a couple windows possibly 1x2, then someone to take them out and replace them w new
4) am egress window needed but it’s not a normal size so it need to be built to the right size and installed.
5) has eavestroughs that are needing redirecting of the water so either repositioned or portions replaced to correct water flow
6) has a concrete patio that the slope slopes into the house and needs caulking to seal it to avoid water damage again.
7) there was roughly 10 x 10 carpet area that was ripped up, but she may just put tile down if she has extra but needs help with the tile.
8) when basement is finished helping to put belongings back in the basement and housing cleaning



204 Old Mill Rd. Coon Valley

Facebook Lauri Simmons

I could use anyone who would help in Coon Valley on a double wide. I have to rip out carpet tack, strip before removing paneling from the bottom and still save the trim and paneling and save on labor. Then I am cutting the back layer of paneling 6 inches up to remove the wet insulation. I have 3 rooms done, 3 rooms plus bathrooms to go. I could use help bleaching and one room will need dry wall supplies and dry wall hung. I have the tools to do the work, but right now it is just me. The insulation under the home still needs pulling and replacing. The home owner can't help due to her age. Even one hour of help would be great if people only have one hour. Next week she will need floor coverings. I am also trying to help raise funds to help her while fixing her house. Thank you in advance for any help you can send our way. 9/16/18


Richard & Janice

21392 State Highway 27 in Sparta (Leon area)


Need help figuring out what to do with their house, will need manpower to repair and rebuild. 9/16/18



S2926 Cty B, Westby

Show up

Unsure if this need has been met: George, about 70 yrs old, was trying to move large rocks/boulders by hand in his washed out driveway on Thursday. S2926 County Rd B, Westby (Town of Jefferson). He needs a couple of strong people to move the rocks, fill in the areas washed, and take a truck load of debris away if possible.



5545 Oakdale Ave, Cashton

Connect with Kristi Brown-Rude on Facebook

Gwen, a great-grandmother, has had mud fill her basement three or more times since the first flood. We mucked out the larger room in the basement on Monday 9/10, and are hoping to finish mucking the basement on Tuesday 9/11. The house will need more work down the line.


Rita, Adrian

10204 Neola Ave, Cashton; Neighbors on Market Road

Connect with Kristin Schaitel on Facebook

The lady that lives here has 2 feet of mud in her basement. She really could use help! Anything will be much appreciated... There is also a guy on market rd by the bridge. He has two small children and a big mess also. A couple folks are going over around noon on Tuesday 9/11/18, but more help will be needed.




(608) 780-0589‬

Greg is in need of heavy equipment for his driveway damage. If someone can reach out or help him in anyway that’d be great! ‭


Many La Farge Families

Behind Zzip Stop, Mill St, Snow St, others

Show up or check in at the Methodist church

Mucking houses, sorting, cleaning.  Various needs.


Many Coon Valley Families

Anderson Street area

104 Central

105 Anderson

103 N. Ridge

American Legion

514 Nelson

Check in at Village Office, 205 Anderson, Coon Valley

Mucking houses, sorting, cleaning.  Various needs.



9803 Nelson ave, Cashton


After repeated flooding, volunteers have begun directing water away from the house and shed (9/9/18), but more earth-moving work is needed once it dried out more.


Additional & Updated Needs & Resources available on Facebook Coulee Region Flooding Clean-up 2018

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