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Timber Coulee clean-up

W 665 County Rd. P, Westby Chamberlain Farm, W 665 County Rd. P, Westby (Timber Coulee): I could use help cleaning buildings again of muck. Would Be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Need pressure washers shovels hoses skid steer.

30470 Oakland Road, Westby- Work crews needed 9am-3pm

5545 Oakdale Road, Westby- Need Skidsteer, mud removal

5343 Traastad LN, Coon Valley Peggy Way could also use help getting mud out of her basement. She is on Cty P, the address is 5343 Traastad LN, Coon Valley. Check in with Peggy at 608-792-3972.

Norskedalen could use volunteers to get more cleaning done.  N455 O Ophus Rd, Coon Valley, WI 54623 (608) 452-3424

Later Event: September 7
County Rd B, Westby