B&E's Trees pint and half pint syrups come in a bale-top glass flask.  Why the flask, you might ask. Or perhaps you know already.  Flasks are timeless.  Glass won't leech weird chemicals into your body.  And a bale top seal makes it reusable on all your adventures.   These flasks aren't cheap. We've seen similar flasks *empty* selling for $20 or more. But we think they're worth it.  We didn't want to be putting something in to the world just to be thrown away.  And a flask this cool just demands adventure.  When the syrup is running low, the journey is just beginning.  Use it for your favorite sauce or vinaigrette or more, eh, traditional uses, and pack it along.  I've heard they hold bourbon rather handily.  Send us a picture of where you and the flask go.  There may even be gifts of appreciation for really great flask-inspired adventures.