It is that glorious time of year once again— Ramp Season! April 27th 2019 we invite you to come join us for a day of outdoor education workshops focused on ramps, sustainability, and an appreciation for our greatest outdoors.

Whether you want to camp and stay the whole weekend, take a few workshops, or pop by for a ramp-pesto grilled cheese sandwich, a beer and some lawn games, we’d love to have you here!

What is Rampfest?

Rampfest started as an annual gathering of friends to celebrate spring and the tasty plant known as the ramp. As time has gone by, Rampfest has grown to encompass so much more. It is a celebration of all thing outdoors, a chance for people to connect, for community to grow, and a time to learn and share about sustainability and stewardship. We have brought together local experts on all sorts of topics ranging from mushroom foraging to bird habitats, and have asked them to present workshops for us to all learn more about the greatest outdoors. We invite everyone to come for a visit, enjoy the sunshine, the company, and the joys spring brings.


do i have to go to workshops?

Absolutely not! We invite you out to celebrate spring in whichever form you’d like. You can take as many or as few of the workshops as interest you. In addition to the workshops, we will have lawn games, food and drinks, a scavenger hunt, self guided woods and ephemeral hikes, and plenty of space to run around, play, and celebrate the change in seasons.

What Does it cost?

We want to make this event accessible to as many people as possible so we do not have a set price to attend. However we are asking for donations to cover instructor fees and set-up costs. Donations can be made via cash, card or check at the event. Suggested donations are $10 per workshop. 


So Where exactly is the farm?

The address of the farm is 30904 Rognstad Ridge Road, Cashton WI 54619. Please pretty please don’t drop in for a visit outside the open house date without prior arrangement— we’re often way out in the woods or not at the farm at all. We will have signs up from the main route (Hwy 27) and we recommend taking that route in, since some of the back roads were washed out in the 2018 summer flooding. The driveway is unpaved and may look like a field road to nowhere, but trust the signs and you’ll find us!


what is on the menu?

So glad you asked! We will have lunch and dinner available for purchase at Rampfest. Lunch will be served from 12:15-1:00, and will be our ramp-pesto grilled cheese with homemade tomato soup. Dinner will be served at 5:00, and will be a vegetarian ramp mujadara—a Lebanese style lentil dish that is oh-so-good. B&E’s signature cocktails will be available all afternoon, as well as Central Waters Mud Puppy Porter and Rift IPA.

It’s not usually this muddy, but it is good to be ready!

It’s not usually this muddy, but it is good to be ready!

What should I wear? What should I bring?

Our farm is very much in the elements, so pay attention to the weather when dressing for a visit. We recommend wearing clothes you would be okay getting a bit muddy, and plenty of warm layers! Boots are advised if you plan on doing any of the woods workshops. We will have some food and drinks available at the farm, but you are more than welcome to bring your own picnics to enjoy. If you have any outdoor hobbies feel free to bring your accessories— cameras, hiking poles, crampons etc.

Can i camp?

Yes, you certainly can! We will have basic camping available Friday and Saturday nights, and anyone is welcome. We will do our best to have coffee out Saturday and Sunday mornings, but make no promises. Due to the weather we’ve had the past year, our facilities are not currently able to accommodate RV’s but just down the road there is RV camping available at the Snowflake Ski club. Click HERE for more information.

fUR-Baby rules

We love dogs and are happy to have them at the farm, so long as they follow a few simple rules. Dogs are not allowed in the sugar house, since it is a food handling location. We also request all dogs be on leashes, and if your pooch is behaving in a way that makes other people or pets feel uncomfortable, we do reserve the right to ask you to leave. Lastly, be kind to your fur baby. The elements out here can be rough, often cold and damp. Please plan your time out to the farm accordingly, so that you and your pet have the best time possible!


I’m from out of town, where should I stay? What else should I do?

Although our area is rural, we have an abundance of great local accommodation. There are plenty of AirBnB locations, including our neighbors just down the road at the Mielke Way and Plumbfield Stable. A few locally owned establishments are:

There is plenty to do in the area, so make a whole weekend out of your visit! Some of activities include: