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Bourbon Barrel Aged Organic Maple Syrup

Fermented Ramp Bulbs


Fermented Ramp Bulbs

B&E's Trees

Ramps are only around for a few weeks in early spring.  Keep the flavorful goodness with this tasty fermentation recipe. 

2 tsp salt

4 C ramp bulbs and stems, sliced thin- set leaves aside for pesto, pizza or other treats!


Toss ramps with salt

Spoon mixture into a quart mason jar.  Crush bulbs with a wooden spoon to release juices.  Press down till there is at least 2 inches head space & air bubbles are eliminated. 

Add just enough water to submerge ramps.  Use a weight to keep vegetables below the water- I use a sandwich bag filled with water.

Place in a dish in a cool, dark space for 3-5 days.  When the concoction begins bubbling you know fermentation is working!  I can be a little messy, hence the dish. 

After 3-5 days, taste the ramps.  When it is as tangy and crispy as you like, cover & refrigerate for up to a month. 

Add to eggs, use as a burger or brat topping, add it to soup, top a pizza with it, add it to pasta sauce, spoon some out any time you crave some crunchy tangy goodness!